I found a cherokee rose growing in the weeds
It made me wonder about you and if you think about me
Now there’s a hard wind blowing across Mobile Bay
And I’m sitting here waiting on my luck to change


I walked for miles in a dead man’s shoes
I was looking to get lost but I found you
We danced all night to that Cajun band
And I watched the stars falling in the burning sand


I walked by the house where we used to live
I guess that life is never really what you think it is
And late last night I heard the DJ say
That the bells have been ringing down in Mobile Bay


It’s okay
It ain’t so bad
Whatever I say
Whatever we had
I drink my whiskey
At the bar downstairs
And tie up my dreams
With a lock of your hair


I used to have a future burning hard and bright
Now I’ve only got a past babe but it’s alright
Maybe things will be better down in Mobile Bay
Maybe I’ll get there one of these days



Daylight walks the darkness down
But the shadows never leave me
Nothing ever happens
How it happens in your dreams, believe me
And all those photographs
Are so much more than memories
They’re mile markers too
Separating me from you


Pain lay deep in every track
As we crossed over the border
And only one of us came back
But I was so much older
And if I had it all again
I’d probably make some changes to the end


You wore the darkness
Like a wedding ring that night
I asked you if you’d ever leave
You said that you just might
But when you get to forever
It’s far too late to use it
Just chalk it up babe
And make sure you don’t confuse it


With the things you used to do
To love someone you barely knew
It must have been so hard
For you to believe it
Could have meant a thing to anyone
But a promise to the wind


Hell is for lovers babe
At least that’s what I’m told
And it sure feels that way
When you’ve got no-one to hold
But a faded memory
Of someone I used to be
Or someone that you thought I might have been



I’ve been turned around
I’ve been turned loose
I’ve been beaten up, broken down
Yesterday’s news
Hit the highway
Took the low road too
But I’ve never seen anything quite like you


I’ve seen a heart breaking
Like a summer storm
I saw the cadillac moon
It just made me yawn
But when I’m with you babe
It’s all brand new
No I’ve never seen anything quite like you


I’ve been so many people
Now my back’s against the wall
I just want to be the one
Who loves you best of all


I drank enough brown liquor
To make a man burst
I never ever met a problem
That I couldn’t make worse
Tough times don’t last
But tough folks do
And I’ve never met anyone tougher than you



With her beggars eyes and her razor wire mouth
She turned to me and the words came tumbling out
This whole place has been forsaken
From the attic to the basement
Since the first day that the Romans all rolled south
There’s death down in the alley
Nobody will be spared
You can hear it in their songs and in their prayers
All about the sickness
And the fire of forgiveness
They say you got to wait but nobody ever tells you where


And the wind blows wild and cold about the eaves
And the cemetery moon rides on the ridge
I know things are bound to change
Nothing will never be the same
But I can hold on, if you’ll just hold on to me


They’re parading round the palisades at dawn
In the cold gray light they await to be reborn
But they’ve turned over their mansions
To the fire eaters and the dancers
And it’s a long hard road bleeding out of Babylon
Now I watch them cross the bridge four score and three
A crew of liars, cheats and filthy thieves
It makes me sick to think of Charlie Patton in his grave
If he rose up they’d put him right back down in there again


Through the eaves, the wind blows wild and cold
Through the corners of my soul and through the trees
I know things are bound to change
Nothing can ever stay the same
But I can hold on, if you’ll just hold on to me
Nothing seems strange
In a world that’s rearranged
But I can hold on, if you’ll just hold on to me



Well I told my old friend John, man ou outta try everything twice
But I never tried anything too hard I never really took my own advice
Except when it came to drinking, hanging out or having fun
In which case I took it just a little too well
And that’s no way to get anything done


Jacob, Lucy and Larry were playing checkers on my old dart board
I tripped over the rigging and I came up swinging but I was lucky enough to be ignored
So I moseyed on down to the alley where the hobos and derelicts roll
I rolled up my sleeves and I fell to my knees
But I couldn’t get a dime for my soul


And I turned to my left
And I urned to my right
And I looked down at my shoes
I said I don’t know about you two boys
But I’m sick of walkin’ ’round with the blues


It was 4am, I was three sheets to the wind and I was heading down Gallatin Pike
I called my baby back in New Orleans and said I guess I won’t be home tonight
But make sure you leave the light on in case it all goes south
She said I dunno who you are would you please stop calling
Or my husbands gonna punch your lights out


Well the road might go on forever
For some of them lucky folks
But for most of us regular people
That all feels like kind of a joke
For Jacob and Lucy and Larry too
Down and out on the avenue
The sun’s going down like a ship on fire
It’s true



I quit talking to the radio
Outside of Jackson, Tennessee
By the time I got to Tuscaloosa
I was on the side of the road with the dry heaves
When I hit the Crescent City
I was thirsty as a man could be
And by the time I hit the streets
I was so damn drunk that I could barely see


You were shining like a brand new penny
In that cloud of rust and shame
There was glitter on the bar
And I remember thinking to myself here we go again
You never really shake the blues
They just come round with a different name
And you’re not that hard to find
When you walk down the street like a hurricane


This is the last, last dance
That I’m ever going to do with you
They say you pick your poison
For all I know you do


Yesterday was like watching the sunrise
From the bottom of a lake
Today I’m out on the road again
Wondering how much more can I possibly take
I’m not saying this hasn’t happened before
In fact it happens every time
They’re serving self pity at the emotional soup kitchen
And i’m at the front of the line



Bring me a brandywine bouquet
With a thousand roadside flowers
One for each word I can’t say
Give me something that’s strong enough
To take away the pain
Give me anything to free me from this falling


I don’t know what it is
But you’ve got it deep inside of you
And I don’t know if you feel it
But i’d like to think you do
It’s not something that you borrow
Steal or even give away
Baby be my brandywine bouquet


Dawn flies like a golden-headed arrow ‘cross the sky
And it makes me hold out hope
That the night might pass me by
But hope is just a highway
And love is just a prayer
And I don’t know how to find the road
That runs from here to there


But I believe that the road
Might be running deep inside of you
And I don’t know if you feel it
But i’d like to think you do
It’s not something that you borrow
Steal or even give away
Baby be my brandywine bouquet



Trees and windmills, windmills and trees
Those high heeled boots that go up past your knees
I don’t mean to pry, I just try to please
So I wrote you this song about windmills and trees


The swamp cypress tree stands a hundred feet high
From the Delaware Bay down to Mississippi
The flowering dogwood flowers in May
From hill country Texas way up into Maine
The American elm tree lives for a long time
Resistant to cold but prefers the sunshine
Pinus Ponderosa, the tallest of pines
Has sweet orange bark that smells like summertime


George Washington chopped down his dad’s cherry tree
If he did or he didn’t don’t matter to me
I’m more into arboreal taxonomy
So I wrote you this song about windmills and trees


There are two types of windmills being used today
With either horizontal or vertical planes
Invented by Greeks in the first century
As a means of converting wind to energy
If I had a windmill we’d live in the tower
And we’d sit up there talking and while away the hours
I’d build us a bunk bed for when he had guests
A rainwater shower, and all of the rest


Yes if I had a windmill we’d have us a time
I’d wash down the sun with a bottle of wine
But I don’t have a windmill, I’m here and I’m gone
So it’s daydreams and promises that I live on



It’s always too early to tell ’til it’s too late to go back
You get what you came for, sneaking around like that
Before you know it, suspicions come sniffing
Asking questions and filling your head
And you go down to the water
Down to the water’s edge


I remember the first time I saw you in the doorway like you’d been there all the time
I remember you laughing and passing that bottle of wine
I know you still laugh somewhere with someone
But that someone is somebody else
And I’ll carry that with me
Down to the water’s edge


Baby put your little hand in mine
And we’ll go walking way past the city lights
We’ll be coming up threes, we’ll coming up threes tonight
Down where the moon is lying in the riverbed
And the stars are hanging by a spiderweb
We’ll go down to the water, down to the waters edge


I can see that light in your eyes, is it love or is it fear?
If I could tell one from the other maybe neither one of us would be here
I love you now and I loved you then
Baby don’t you worry ’bout those things I said
Just come with me
Down to the water’s edge



It’s midnight in Havana
All the sails are in the wind
There’s a warm breeze blowing from a far off place
And I don’t know where I am
The neon lights are blinding
There’s thunder in the bay
The air is heavy and it smells like rain


There’s an old man fishing in a rubber tube, beer bottles tied to his feet
There’s a pretty girl whispering in my ear but I’m trying to be discreet
Whoever it is that sent me here I’ve got questions that need asking
But it’s midnight in Havana, it’ll have to wait ’til morning


I wake up soaked with sweat
Cold steel underneath my pillow
I shake it all off at the hotel bar
With another cold Bucanero
The sunshine froze me half to death
I swear to god I’m dying
Somebody please get me off of this rock
Lord knows I’ve been trying


I went to meet my connection out on the Malecon
But I ran into Rosalita, and now my connections gone
I swear I saw Hemingway’s ghost outside La Bodequita
I staggered through the square with my pockets bare
And a soul-crushing hangover


My closet’s filled with a stranger’s clothes
And none of my shoes fit
I keep getting these calls in the dead of night
Asking where the action is
I tried to talk to the concierge
Son of a bitch wouldn’t look me in the eye
A Santera gave me an ice cream cone
And told me I was gonna die